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Our products and our planet

We make you sparkle a little extra!Pure Baking has skipped refined sugar and other nutrient-poor content. Instead, we focus on high-quality ingredients that the body likes. Our recipes are appreciated by everyone, adults and children.We care about our planetWith Pure Baking, you can be sure that you get home recipes and ingredients created and selected with love for health and nature. We minimize food waste by carefully adapting the recipes so that nothing is left over when you bake.  

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About Pure Baking

I have always been interested in healthy eating, but always with a weakness for sweets. With two small children, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and especially baking. We have tested many recipes. When I saw my children fully enjoy the goodies with healthy pure ingredients, my idea was aroused. How can I get others to bake easily and healthy and make them understand how good it actually tastes? Pure Baking came into being and now there is an opportunity for everyone, big and small, to enjoy goodies with their health intact.   Anne Tunhammar   

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